Monday, October 26, 2009

Classroom Tour


  1. This is fabulous! Thank you! I am a kindergarten teacher and received a great deal of organizational tips, as well as, literacy ideas for my students. This tour was fun and informational! May you be blessed in all you do!
    Gratefully, Gina

  2. I love all your podcasts they are so helpful!!

  3. liked the way you used the drawers for your guided reading materials as well as your lowered tables. thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us! You are truly generous and have a perky sense of humor.

  5. so much fun to snoop thru another kindergarten teacher's room!!! thank you for sharing with us! love the flipped over clothes baskets for little tables!

  6. I am in Hillsborough County and really appreciate the time you put into this. I have watched a couple each over the last 2 Sundays. I am looking forward to the next one. I still am unsure how you connect the books and the crafts for a week long of lessons. How far back does a book get read completely before it can be used for a craft? Would you read any of the writer's craft books the same week you use it for writing craft? I think I am going to try and get into your information from last year to learn about the reader's craft...which I also don't understand completely!! Thanks for the visuals, it is so helpful to actually see a lesson!!

    Thanks and can't wait to learn more.


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